Boycott Guide

Boycott These are just some of the major restaurants, supermarkets, and all brands that purchase the MOST seafood from Canada. Most stores and restaurants carry some fish from Canada. The stores and restaurants listed are all aware of the boycott. It’s important to let them know why you will now be participating.


You may receive responses, always contradictory, sometimes humorous. Please read labels and ask questions.


List of In-Store Brands to Boycott

Brunswick (canned):
United States:
Phone: 800-800-8572
Gorton’s (They also supply LARGE restaurant chains with fish):
Phone: 800-507-0450


Claro’s Italian Market Chain:
Phone: 800-507-0450
Kroger (Ralphs):
Phone 800-576-4377
Publix Supermarkets (a large chain):
Phone 800-242-1227


Bahama Breeze Island Grille:
Multiple locations: Bahama Breeze’s Find a Restaurant
Olive Garden:
Phone 407-245-4000
Red Lobster: