Harb bill update – May 2, 2012

Conservative and Liberal parties of Canada support the seal hunt, rather the taxpayer supports it. Both party’s stance seems an effort of keeping the crucial votes from coastal communities. In the past, this has caused Members of Parliament who are against the seal hunt, or would just like to discuss ending it, to keep their silence.

Senator Mac Harb (L), who had already presented his bill in 2010, but was greeted with only the sound of crickets, wasn’t able to get a second motion, which didn’t allow for debate of finally ending the commercial seal slaughter.

Today, Senator Larry Campbell (L) seconded the motion, and was voted unanimously by all parties. This will bring the bill to debate at the second reading.

The Harb bill gives ample proof that the seal hunt, which is performed by full-time fishermen, has lost its customers.

Taxpayer funds have been used to stockpile seals, in the hopes someone would buy them, but as each year passes, more and more countries are not only banning the products, but urging the Canadian government to stop the cruel practice.

Senator Harb’s bill calls for a transition for the fishermen, who make approximately 1% of their income by killing seals.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has been urging a license buyout, and in a Green Party announcement today said, “The sealing industry had been dying for years. It’s time to stop providing life support to this disappearing industry by ending the massive government subsidies.”

The call for the commercial seal hunt is separate from the hunting performed by aboriginal peoples, which this does not affect.

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