“Why do some people say seal pups aren’t killed?”

When harp seal pups are born, they are known as “white coats”. This is the fur popular for non-essential fur items only.

When they are about 12 days old, they begin to molt the fuzzy baby fur they were born with. At the thought of defenseless seal pups being killed, public outcry was enormous. But Canada government, still wants that beuatiful white fur, which is gone forever when at approximately 3 months old it’s replaced by light gray with dark spots. What to do?

Thinking they would appease the world, they decided that “technically” when the fuzz begins to shed (and the pups still have white fur) now being “ragged jackets”, they aren’t pups anymore. Counting on the public to just believe what they’re told, Canada’s government continues to declare that seal “pups”, “babies”, and “white coats” aren’t skinned.

In reality, and documented by film each year, 95% of seals killed each year at Canada’s seal hunt, which is performed by otherwise employed full-time fishermen, are between 12 days and 90 days old. These pups are not yet weaned, and don’t yet know how to swim.

The hunt is proclaimed as regulated and observed, however the Department of Fisheries and Oceans does not attend to monitor the hunt, and is not addressing private observer concerns when violations are seen each year.

Posted on by FriendsForSealsOrg